Things I Love

This is a page that I promise to continually updated with things I see/think/hear/feel/taste/smell (maybe not so much smell..but maybe) that make my days a bit brighter.  The loved items below are in no particular order – well, I suppose they are in a particular order, and that is the order in which they happen in my brain/life.  But just because something is at the top doesn’t mean it’s more important than something at the bottom.  These are all things that are equally dear to me.  That being said, here is a list of things I love:

1. When cups sweat and the condensation kind of sparkles.

2. In the summer, when you’re in an air conditioned building  and quite cold, and then you walk outside and your cold body is surrounded by the warm air, but your body is still cold.

3. Gritty black and white photography.

4. Photography in general.

5. Records.  Vinyl records.  They’re back.

6. Listening to Bon Iver on dreary fall days.  And winter days.  But not nice, sunny ones.  Bon Iver and sunshine don’t mix well.  Very conflicting.

7. Waking up early when it isn’t necessary.

8. Seeing people smile to themselves because of a text or email or book or thought or song.

9. Infinitely cheezy crime shows.

10. Seeing a large group of people do the same thing at the same time, namely mundane things.  (i.e. the way people’s mouths move in the same way when whey sing the same words, or the way all the hands of people in a big audience look when they’re applauding.

11. Crafty people.

12. Pillow talk.

13. Watching people worship (whether that be through song, dance, work, conversation, etc.)

14. Getting ahead on my work (I love this because it’s a rarity.  Sort of like French delicacies.)

15. School spirit

16. Crunchy leaves.

17. Thunder

18. Flowers (pardon my cliche)

19. Friends laughing

20. Vacation

21. A quiet campus

22. My backyard

23. Getting mail

23 a. Getting a card in the mail.

24. Chapter Books


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