let’s get real..

..I have no idea what I’m doing with this.  Yesterday, Agnes and I were talking about blogs (and boy, do we love blogs), and she mentioned making one as she makes her journey across the Atlantic.  My thought was “a blog! why not?” So here I sit, huddled in the gray stone walls of the Glos Center, void of any real work that needs to be done, beginning a blog that will likely consist of things that only I think are funny/relevant/important.

But here’s the beautiful thing: it’s okay!  I’ve come to realize (through something of a irritating process), that life is to be shared, faith is to be shared, thoughts and love and words and questions and answers and jokes and recipes and unexpected remedies to a runny nose are to be shared!

So here’s my attempt at sharing.  Here’s the catch: sharing is not something that comes naturally to me, or any other human being, for that matter.  If it were up to me, my hands would hold a white-knuckled grip on anything I deemed “mine”.  Sometimes, I try really hard to keep that grip.  Never, not even once, have I succeeded. I, myself, am incapable of good [Romans 3:23].  Praise the Lord that Someone broke the cycle.

I’m sharing my life here because my life is worth living, only because the ultimate Friend shared..no, not shared..GAVE His life for me, and only because of that can I truly live, trust, think, love, ask questions, give answers, tell jokes and enjoy recipes.  So here it is! A blog of a wild olive shoot, mercifully grafted onto a holy Vine [Romans 11].

Live free, my friends.