a few things

So far, the 5th of July has been treating me incredibly well, and the rest of the day looks promising.  Out of the deepest sincerity, I want all of my friends (and even people who may not be quite friendly), to get with me, here.  So, without further ado, here are a few things that make me happy in hopes that you’ll feel the warm, fuzzy, kitten-sleeping-in-a-tennis-shoe feeling that’s going on in my heart.

Here’s one for all you fashionistas out there..

…and one for the romantics (a personal favorite)…

…and, of course, a little nugget for the poets.

One other thing: if you’re feeling super bloggy this morning, check out my wonderful, beautiful, halcyon (see link above) friend’s blog, the one and only, Jordan Barnes.  She’s a jem.