I’m back!  After an unbelievable week at Rockbridge with some incredible friends from Fairfield, I’ve returned to my desk to read, write and edit photos.  The latter subject is really what’s on my mind today.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I really really enjoy taking photos.  I mean it.  I got my first “nice” camera two Christmases ago from my parents – one of the best material gifts I’ve ever received (thanks mom and dad!!).  Ever since, I’ve been experimenting and learning about imaging – both digital and film, but definitely more digital – and it’s been so, so fun.  I guess I never saw my “eye” as a gift, until very recently.  My good friend and sister Emily Riggs and her then fiancee, Ben, asked me to help shoot their wedding last September.  I was petrified, clueless, but curious.  It went fine, I got some good shots, and I was ready for more.  I then shot an engagement session, took some pictures of my friends for their house, and this summer, I booked three weddings!  THREE!

Now, seeing as I didn’t really see my taking pictures as a gift until recently, you can bet that the idea of making something of a business out of it really never crossed my mind.  Until yesterday.  And now, here I am, looking at business cards and website templates.  What the heck.  Slow down, Katie D.

But seriously, I’m getting excited.  Here’s the thing.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  Absolutely none.  It may not amount to anything.  But what do I have to lose?

So here we go!  Keep an eye out for Katie Derickson Photography.  Coming soon.