A Confession

If blogging was a sport in the Olympics, I’d barely even scrape by with a participation ribbon, just like the summer I was on the swim team (but that was way worse). I’m sure no one reading this now ever thinks twice about the frequency of my blog posts, and that’s the way it should be. But I’ve put blogging up on this pedestal, as if the number of times I write really makes any difference at all in my identity, worth, status, whatever.  What a funny, era-appropriate trap to fall into – cyber-pressure.  Let me confess this, I only started writing a blog because I thought that as a young, Christian woman, it’s what I was supposed to do.  Silly I know.  I really know.  But it happened, and some other things happened as well.  I found the dream-land of internet-based design, art, poetry, photography, music and, of course, those fantastic blog gems of which my heart has grown so fond.  Beauty from ashes, people!

Speaking of beauty, here are some things that have been happening in my life that have been wonderful:

1) I had the opportunity to witness (and digitally document) my stunning friend, sister, Young Life leader and 8th grade math teacher enter into the covenant of marriage this weekend.  It was unbelievable.  God’s faithfulness is real, Jesus is real, grace is real, and this wedding was a crystal clear reminder of those truths.  Thankful for you, Amanda and Nick Tracy.

2) At that wedding, I was blessed to be assistant photographer to Leigh Fabozzi.  She, my friends, is a star.  Though she’s relatively new to taking pictures (not as new as me, thankfully), her eye is so keen and her spirit so life-giving.  She’s so talented and wonderful.  Here’s her blog and website, take a look.  You’ll understand why I was so honored to be able to work with her.

3) I was inspired by pinterest to try this ombre craze.  So yesterday, my mom and I sat down with some hair dye and diet coke and went to work.  It wasn’t the most successful of our endeavors, but it was fun anyway.  I have the greatest mom on earth.

4) At work today, I came across this website, the Good Woman Project.  Please, please, please take a look.  It’s so deeply encouraging.  Lots of truth there, lots of life.

That’s all for today – keep your eyes open for some previews from the past few weddings I’ve had the privilege to shoot.  Get outside.


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