Today in History

March 28 is g good day, people! Here are some reasons:
1) it is absolutely glorious outside. Who wants to hike the trails with me later? Anyone?
2) 18 years ago today, Jordan Elizabeth Barnes was born.

If you don’t know Miss Barnes, let me fill you in. Jordan is hands down one of my favorite people in the entire world. We met on January 14th of last year, the fight I was placed as a Young Life leader in Fairfield. At first, I was terrified of her. Why, you ask? Because she’s loud and opinionated and hilarious and beautiful. You would be afraid too. But by the grace of God, we became friends, best friends, quite quickly, at that. We’ve known each other just over a year, and my, what that year has held: laughter (belly-aching laughter) , tears (lots of tears), REDEMPTION, grace, fellowship, the list goes on and on. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I have for the blessing of her friendship. Next year, this beautiful daughter of our perfect Father will move to Oxford with me(!!!!) and our adventures will continue as we walk through life together, seeking His will and following His instruction. Happy birthday, you filthy savage. 🙂

3) 25 years ago today, my parents were married! Glory, hallelujah! Timothy Scott Derickson and Kelly Ann Sheridan were joined in holy matrimony after a very brief (3 months?) dating period, and here we are, 25 years later. The two of them, besides being stellar parents, are two of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. My dad, with his unbelievably compassionate heart and my mom, with her logical but unconditional support and love have raised my sweet brother and I to know and fear Jesus, to love each other and the people we may find ourselves around at any given time, and that you’re never too old to eat pints of ice cream, wrestle with the dog and watch cheesy murder mystery television. Their marriage has served as an incredible picture of the love of God for his children, despite their obedience or lack thereof, of what a healthy, loving marriage can be, and how Jesus redeems and restores all things. Two sinners washed by the blood of the Lamb, my parents, my genome, my rocks. Happy anniversary, mom and dad. We love you more than words can say.




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