Sick Day

Only three weeks in and I’m already down for the count (for the second time!) with a mystery illness. Oh, the dreams I dreamed in which I (the heroine, of course) arrived valiantly to every class thorough the semester, my cape flying in the wind behind me, sitting down alongside my peers, leading discussions, and taking my A’s to the bank. And then, I woke up this morning, feeling as if the pound had released all their stray cats in my throat, who proceeded to claw their way up and out of my sinuses. Needless to say, my lifelong dream of perfect attendance was cut short.

That being said, here are a few things for you, if you’re feeling anything like me, to brighten your spirits, things that I dearly love on days like today.

Soup. Duh.

Pizza bagels. (yeah, I eat a lot when I’m sick. What of it?)

Obscenely cute photos. You’re smiling and I know it. Here’s another one I found recently and posted on Katie’s Facebook. Are you ready?


What else… Well, I dearly love daytime television (The Price is Right, specifically), catching up on work (because make-up work on top of existing responsibilities is quite possibly the most unpleasant situation in which to find oneself) and calling my mom an ungodly amount of times. That’s what my day is looking like so far.

Happy Thursday, all. The weekend is almost here!


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