tuesday afternoon

found an artist named Matt Wisniewski today. take a look. you won’t regret it.

today, my heart is on a road trip down the west coast.  that’s the kind of day i’m dreaming of.  the white christmas fantasy has come and gone, and the day dream of warm, salty winds greeting my skin are taking over.  only a few months until this dream will become (sort of) a reality, as i embark on a six-day journey south to the island of cayo costa, off the coast of florida, for some spring breaking with a handful of my best friends. this day couldn’t come any sooner. i would pack up and leave today if i could!  but alas, there are classes to be attended, paper to be written, friends to be enjoyed.  so here i remain, at a desk in ohio, wearing wool socks and a sweater. for now.


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