post-holiday thoughts

Well, friends, here we are standing tall with 2011 and all it held behind us. Resolutions made, goals set. Isn’t it funny how much our world values new beginnings? We’re all longing for a “fresh start”, aren’t we? A new body, budget, mindset, significant other….whatever it may be, we all like to start over, longing to seek, seize and conquer the things that will finally fix us.

Here’s the thing: didn’t we say exactly the same thing January 1st of last year? Our eyes were just as starry, our hearts just as excited to be dedicated, available, whatever. But December rolls around year after year, our hopes and dreams crumbled and littering the ground alongside our goal weight for 1998 and our promises of never lying to our parents again. Why? Because we’re incapable of findingtotal fulfillment within ourselves and what we can accomplish.

I spent the past week in Atlanta with 40 some thousand other young adults hungry for truth, for a fresh start. One particular speaker spoke on this topic (well, not really, but what he said applies to what I’m thinking). He explained that we, as humans, are so wrecked by sin, so dreadfully tarnished by the world, that we, in ourselves, our souls, aren’t just a little messed up. We’re dead. We’re not simply brought up poorly, unchurched, or confused: we are dead. There is ONE case of a human raising themselves from the dead, and that individual happens to be the one whose sole purpose for living was to bring US back to life. Jesus, my friends, is the only one capable of reaching into our zombie souls and bringing us to a place in which we are capable of reaching meaningful goals.

Now, I’m not saying that setting goals is a bad thing. In fact, I think the opposite. Setting goals is an excellent skill to master if you desire to be an effective human being. Here’s what I don’t support: setting goals to fix ourselves. We can’t do it, despite how pure and inspiring our intentions may seem. Jesus, on the other hand, longs to jumpstart our new lives, to give us a fresh start – a beautiful, pure fresh start, bursting at the seems with all the Love and Light and Truth in the universe jam-packed in the center.

That being said: here’s to a new year, a new day, and a new life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




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