christmas cheer

‘Tis the season, ladies and gentlemen!  The season to eat, drink, be merry and be justified in wearing that hideous sweater.  What’s not to love – besides the check-out lines and ever-expanding-christmas-cookie waistlines?

In case you’re still out of the spirit of Christmas, here are a few gems I hope will throw you in head first.

and here’s something for those of who you are a bit more traditional 🙂
1) a beautiful, simple way to wrap gifts: brown paper and gold spray painted inanimate objects.
2) can you get a bit more cozy than this? unless you’re a kitten with a scarf on, i think not.
3) as an aspiring DIY guru, homemade anything (especially christmas ornaments) sound better than dark chocolate and hot tea on a rainy thursday evening.
4) I don’t know the Fosters, but I wish I did.  One day, I want a Christmas greeting that’s this impressive.  Bravo, Foster family. Bravo.  “I’m Santa, baby”
5) don’t pretend this isn’t hilarious

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