tuesday’s brain

here are some things on my mind today:

1) today in one of my classes we did a free-writing exercise in which we were given a topic, and while we wrote,  our professor played different types of music to see if it affected our writing – it did. i think one day i will do that on my blog – free-write while playing music and just see what comes of it.  maybe i’ll post it.  maybe i won’t.  either way, it will be interesting.

2) capitalization is time consuming.


3) i’ve been taking a lot of pictures recently and i like it. if you need some pictures of something or yourself or yourself and someone else, let me know. i’d be happy to take them. i’m thinking of starting a business called “beautiful moments: by katie” – i’ll have a sign with a camera and pink hearts and swirls and i’ll take pictures of babies that aren’t wearing anything but a hat that looks like a vegetable. like this:











4) what i just said about that business was a joke. but i may really try to profit from these pictures. might as well, huh?

5) Jesus is Lord. h8rz gon h8.



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