a song for the weather

for all of you who like a good mope, this one’s for you. here are some instructions before clicking “play”:

1. look outside – make sure it’s raining
2. if you’re already outside, don’t use an umbrella, that’s too happy
3. if you’re walking, smile very, very slyly at those you pass, but not too much, just a smile big enough to say “i’m content in my emotional state, but i’m not excited about it”
4. if you’re inside, turn off that terrible overhead light. click on the bedside lamp or light some candles
5. make sure your ankles are exposed – no one listens to bon iver with covered ankles. cropped pants forever! long live the cuff!
6. get some coffee/hot tea and a sad book.

alright, now you can click “play”


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