Setting Summer

In 4 days, I will be moving into Ogden Hall on the beautiful campus of Miami University alongside 18 (or so) of my best friends in the whole world.  This marks the beginning of our sophomore year of college, the end of summer 2k11, and a step forward in our process of becoming real-life adults, which is terrifying.

Here are some things I’ll miss about this summer:

1.  Having these 3 girls around all the time.  Agnes is still gone.  It’s been almost 2 weeks.  Yikes.  These are my 3 best friends and they’re wonderful and beautiful and they love Jesus so much and they make me love Jesus so much more.  I’ll miss the fellowship we shared and the hilarious situations we put each other in and sitting on Agnes’ patio under cafe lights.  I’ll miss that a lot.

2. Walking barefoot.  As great of an idea it may sound – going barefoot to class is often frowned upon at J.Crew U.

3. My bed. Oh, my bed.

4. Being woken up by my parents every morning.  They’re so incredibly good to my brother and I, it’s almost unreal.  The love they share with each other and with Matt and with me wouldn’t be possible without grace, I’m sure of it.


Now, there are plenty of things I could lament about losing, but I’m gaining SO much, like;

1. WORD! CORRIDOR! LOVE! Words (well, at least words put together in coherent sentences) can’t express how excited I am to be surrounded by such crazy awesome young women all the time.  Woah.

2. YL parties.  If you’ll be at Miami this fall, make sure you’re at the Stoop this Saturday for the welcome back get-together.  If you’re unsure where that is, let me know, I’ll hook you up.

3. A meal plan!  And smoothies and king cafe and Tuffy’s rolls and living right above Bell Tower.  Oh goodness.  Look out, Bell To-Go.

4. Katie Rhodenbaugh.  In my room.  All the time.  CATZ!

There are many more things, more deep, theological, if-you-dont-kn0w-me-well-you’d-feel-awkward things I’m nervous about losing/excited to have back, but I don’t think I’m in a mood to share them.  Not now, at least.  If you’re reading this, (God bless you), and you’ll be at Miami, let’s be friends.  A social circle can never be big enough.  I say that with a grain of salt –

confession: I’ve never really understood that expression.


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